Uncompromising collective liberation

What does Dewhite™ mean?

Dewhite evokes the central tenet of our community: coming together to dismantle white ideology and the consequences it has wrought on our society. Far from being a reactive movement, Dewhite focuses on education and activities that foster collective imagination toward a post-white future that's equitable to all people — not just those that align with the limited ideal imposed by white ideology.

Who should join Dewhite?

You should join Dewhite if you're ready to imagine a new world where everyone belongs and is provided with community support to thrive.

What makes Dewhite different?

Dewhite is designed as a sustainable, long-term commitment to addressing the root issues caused by white ideology in our society, in a way with which anyone can engage, relate and take action.

Action-oriented community

Many workshops, boot camps and other communities provide a theoretical approach to social justice and tackling the challenges of white ideology. Dewhite puts action and engagement at the forefront, because nothing happens until people talk to each other and make change in the real world.

Focus on the future

Beyond addressing white ideology issues as they present today, Dewhite promotes looking toward a post-white future through intentional exercising of our collective imagination.

Long-term vision

Liberation from white ideology, within which we have been mired as a society for centuries, will not happen overnight. It will happen with a lifelong commitment to engaging with the challenges presented as we navigate this new future together. That's why Dewhite is designed to be a lifelong companion.

Why is Dewhite $1 per year?

We charge $1 per year for access to Dewhite to ensure our platform is available to most while discouraging spammers and trolls from interfering. For that price, you get an ad-free experience away from the algorithms and censorship of big social media networks, plus the intentional community of Dewhite and all its resources. A lifetime plan is available for $99 if you wish to support the mission at any time. Dewhite is hosted on Mighty Networks, an independent platform designed for community building.